ADHD: Really a Disability?

Is ADHD Really a Disability?

In his book, "ADHD; Different Perspective", Thom Hartmann proposes a theory that ADHD is an adaptive response which may not always be functional in our modern day academic environment. He makes a comparison between farmers and hunters. The assumption is that hunters need to by hyper-vigilant, which may be the case with individual with ADHD. From this perspective I would imagine that the brain of a farmer is different than the brain of a hunter. Although this perspective is controversial, it does move us to ask some important questions about the brains of individuals with ADHD. Are there any positive aspects of having an "ADHD brain? ADHD is frequently thought of as a learning disability and yet many children with this diagnosis are above average in intelligence. They may also be more creative than their counterparts with with more typical neurological wiring. There is no doubt that individuals with this disability have more difficulty adjusting to academic and work environments, and they are likely to have difficulty adjusting socially both at home and at work. For sure the person who procrastinates and has difficulty with organizational abilities is likely to be less successful in our world. They are likely to be seen as irresponsible as well. On the other hand they may see things differently than individuals with more typical brains and may have creative perspectives that provide valuable contributions to our world..

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