Anger Management

Are you concerned that your tendency to be emotionally reactive is undermining your work, family, and intimate relationships? For some of us this may be a long standing concern which has never been effectively addressed. Sometimes we may even develop a belief that we will never be able to change our behavior or respond in a more positive way to life's challenges. It is important to understand that you are capable of making changes to make life better. You can improve the way you relate to others and develop improved interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.

If you are a parent you may be concerned about your child's tendency to be impulsive and react inappropriately both at home and in school. Children feel better about themselves when they are able to demonstrate self-control and feel a sense of safety within themselves. Self control is an essential part of developing success in all areas of life. As a concerned parent you can learn to provide a home environment that will help your child feel better about themselves and develop improved social skills. Both individual counseling and Parent Effective Training can be invaluable in helping you develop a better life for you and your child.

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