Messages from the Movie Frozen

I watched the movie, "Frozen", for the third time this evening. In my opinion this is an amazing work of art, with more than a few messages for how we might live our lives. In psychotherapy we may at times refer to a heart being frozen, but often the emotional injuries are expressed and addressed differently. When a client presents certain symptoms such as anxiety, panic, or depression, we might talk about a diagnosis, or medication to relieve the client's suffering. Often our hearts are broken a bit at a time, and over the years we may not even notice that our hearts are no longer open. Our hearts may be frozen, and we may not be aware of our own suffering, or the ice that has formed around our hearts. Elsa in the movie, "Frozen", at least had awareness that she had the power to injure others, she initially did not know how to keep her suffering from spilling out onto those around her. She experienced the pain of isolation in an attempt to protect her sister, and to risk others from truly knowing her. She was among other things, fearful of being vulnerable. Ultimately she learned that she had the power within her to love and have compassion for others. She herself was healed by her sister's love.

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