Overeating in a Pandemic

So what is causing us to overeat? This may not be the case for some of us but, many of us are gaining weigh, overeating, or both. I was having a craving for cookies just prior to writing this post. This is not typical for me. For some people overeating is their default stress reduction technique. We might call it emotionally eating or use some other name to describe the behavior. Whatever we call it, there may be a habit with which we are uncomfortable and would like to change. In addition, coping mechanisms or habits like these tend to intensify under stress. Would living through a Pandemic qualify as living in stress? When I was in my twenties I would watch my mother open the refrigerator door, and frequently say that she wanted something, but didn't but didn't know what she wanted. I would often think to myself that what she really wanted was my father to love her. As I was having a craving for cookies today, I asked myself what was missing in my life, and what is it, that is underlying my desire or craving for something sweet. "Sweet", now that is an interesting word. Three months out of a break up and it might not be surprising that I would want something "sweet". I have been talking a lot recently about "letting go", What is it that keeps us from letting of things and clinging to people, habits, the past, or even fears about the future. With regards to the past, one reason that we have difficulty letting to is frequently because our needs are not being met in the present. It is likely difficult to "let go" of anything or any habit, when are needs are not being met in the present. It is may to be easier to let go of your ex-husband when a handsome loving man is nurturing and caring for you in the present moment. It might also be easier to let go of him if you have a kind and loving relationship with yourself. So the next time you go to the refrigerator or your cabinet to get cookies, or some other "sweet thing", you might ask yourself, " what do I really want"?. What is it that you need, that you are not getting? For people in loving relationships the pandemic can have a debilitating impact on each partner ability to nurture each other. Their stress can absolutely impact their ability and desire and care for the partner as they normally would under different circumstances. In addition when we feel neglected, we may become hurt and angry ourselves and have difficulty nurturing them as we might have done under less stressful times.

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