Services Provided

Providing individual, couples and family counseling.

Treatment specialization includes:

I work with a wide range of emotional and therapeutic challenges which include: depression and grief, parenting, couples counseling, weight loss, and a variety of other concerns. It is important to me that counseling take place in an enviornment that provides emotional safety and understanding. I offer a highly personalized ecclectic approach to counseling which is tailored to meet each of my clients individual needs. Therapeutic techniques may include Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Client Centered Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Problem-Solving Therapy,  Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnosis and NLP, as well as a variety of other approaches.

Typically a client or family may present a specific challenge.  This may be present in the form of an, emotional or behavioral concern. At times there may be more than one concern to be addressed.  The therapist will help the client identify and clarify goals and challenges that need to be addressed to overcome these issues.  The therapist will work with the client or family to develop a treatment plan to address these concerns one at a time.  The treatment plan will also help clients develop an awareness of progress and possible resistance to meeting identified goals. It is important that the therapist be non-judgmental regarding the client's emotional experiences  Not only is it important that personal information be held confidential but also the client needs to understand that confidential information is protected by law. Typically clients who continue in treatment and address treatment goals make considerable progress relatively quickly and experience a considerable reduction in stress and symptom reduction.   

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